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Getting all the paperwork together can be tricky. Rekrutados supports you along the way and covers your costs.

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Administrative Services

REKRUTADOS covers your flight costs and supports you in finding accomodation

Free Flight

REKRUTADOS covers your travel costs.

Visa support

Rekrutados guides you through the documents for the Visa.


REKRUTADOS supports you in homologating your title.


Rekrutados supports you with the necessary paperwork.

Upload your documents

Rekrutados tells you which documents you need, doub-checks them and covers your costs.

Document list

Document review

Cost reimbursements

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Rekrutados pays your flight

Get a free flight once you have passed your B1 or B2 German exam and completed your homologation.

Learn German and complete your documents

You will receive free classes and free access to the Rekrutados Online Academy.

Receive a free flight to Germany

No reimbursements, no costs.

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