Learn German


With our language academy, you will learn German within 12-18 months. Candidates in our program get free access.

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Study with your phone or PC

Several interactive features enhance the learning experience

What we offer

Rekrutados combines self-paced learning with personalized feedback and live classes.

Daily classes

Rekrutados offer daily classes so you can practice and improve your German everyday.


We invite you to a chat program where you can aks all your questions 24 hours a day and receive instant feedback.


Every week you will have to submit assignments that are corrected by our teachers with individual feedback.


We organize offline events in your city so you can connect with your classmates. You can also connect through our chat program.

Here to learn German without moving abroad?

Not interested in applying to our free migration program but still want to learn German? No problem! We also welcome external students. Just reach out to us and we will do our best to find a customized solution for you.